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Greatest Vietnamese movies listed in renowned critic’s book

“101 greatest Vietnamese movies” is the latest book by film journalist Le Hong Lam. The book names 101 movies produced from 1953 to 2018.

Through this book, movie geeks may find familiar names like Cards on the Table, The Abandoned Field, When the Tenth Month Comes, The Scent of Green Papaya, and also the latest ones like Jail Bait or The Way Station.

During the period that the author mentions in the book, over 1000 Vietnamese movies have been produced. In order to make the short list of 101 titles, Le Hong Lam has worked so hard for 2 years. Through the book, movie lovers may recall some impressive movies and have an insight on the development of Vietnam’s cinematography industry.

For each movie, Lam gives comments and reviews through his own angle. Many posters and images which have never been known are now made public. Movies’ details are also included.