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Government to upgrade cultural and sports facilities network nationwide

The Prime Minister has approved a plan to create a new network of cultural and sports facilities over the next ten years.

Museums, libraries, the film industry, performing arts, art and culture exhibitions, domestic cultural centres and Vietnamese cultural centres overseas are all including in the plans.

Research and training institutions specialising in culture and art, cultural and historic heritage and special national monuments, culture and tourism villages within ethnic groups, cultural data digitisation bases cultural headquarters are also being discussed.

The facility network of sports consists of training and coaching centres, sports activity centres, facilities for treatment of injuries and rehabilitation, sports research and training establishments and sports agency headquarters.

The plan will cover the entire territory of Vietnam including mainland, islands, archipelagos and sea areas under Vietnam’s sovereignty and Vietnamese cultural centres overseas.

It aims to create an effective tool of the State to manage and administer cultural and sports activities, formulate programs, yearly and long term plans as well as conducting projects on cultural and sports development.

Enhancing management, exploitation and rational use of resources for the development of culture and sport activities is also part of the plan.

Its main goal is to orient the development of a synchronised and modern national network of cultural and sports facilities, with a number of projects built to meet international standards and requirements of organising regional and continental cultural, artistic and sports events.

It’s expected to enhance the high-quality cultural and sports products and services and raise Vietnam's position in the world’s tourism and sports map.

The development of facilities will also help raise the level of some key sports, ensuring the conditions to be ready to host successful international sporting events.

The national network of cultural and sports facilities have important positions, scales and roles in connecting the region, forming the "dynamic" centre of cultural and sports development.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is responsible for ensuring the implementation./.