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Government issues resolution on COVID-19 vaccine purchase, use

The Government on February 26 issued Resolution No 21/NQ-CP regarding COVID-19 vaccine purchase and use.

Under the resolution, the Ministry of Health is assigned to coordinate with relevant ministries, agencies, and localities in purchasing, importing, managing, and using COVID-19 vaccines as well as receiving aid in this regard, with about 150 million doses expected this year.

The resolution states that those who work on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight will receive priority in vaccination and free vaccines in the vaccination programme.

Centrally-run cities and provinces where COVID-19 infections have been reported and pandemic-hit areas in those cities and provinces will receive vaccines first.

Local budget funds will be used to ensure the vaccination of local residents and others under local management. The central budget will be used to guarantee injections for people under the management of centrally-run agencies and to support localities.

Apart from the State budget, the funding for vaccine purchase will also be sourced from aid from domestic and foreign organisations and other legal sources, along with voluntarily funding from organisations and individuals.

The resolution took effect on the date of issuance./.