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Government issues decree on operation of foreign cultural establishments

Foreign cultural establishments are now only allowed to operate in Vietnam after they receive registration certificates and licences, according to a decree recently issued by the Government.

Under the Decree No.126/2018/ND-CP, branches of the foreign cultural establishments should have certificates before their operation in Vietnam, and all of their activities must follow the document guidelines.

During their operation, foreign cultural establishments must abide by Vietnamese law, as well as respect the country’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, customs, practice, and culture.

They are not permitted to let any organisations or individuals use their name or material facilities against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, or harm the legal interests of other countries.

If cultural establishments operate in other relevant spheres, they have to observe Vietnamese law in these realms and any violations will be handled in line with the current law.

Those which have operated in Vietnam for at least two years in line with local law and regulations are allowed to open their branches in the country. The branches have no legal status and operate under the management of the foreign cultural establishments.

The operation of the establishments and their branches will be suspended temporarily under the decision of the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism if they are found to commit fraudulent activity in their establishment and operation or if they violate legal regulations on culture, and other cases.

The degree states that their operations may be allowed to resume after they settle the violations.