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Government charts major tasks, solutions for 2020

The Government issued a resolution on January 1 outlining major tasks and solutions to realize the country’s socio-economic development plan and state budget estimates in 2020.

The Government has set the motto “Discipline, integrity, action, responsibility, creativity and efficiency” for 2020.

Six main points in instruction and management

Under Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP, the Government emphasises the need to continue perfecting a socialist-oriented market economy, optimising resources, creating an equal, open and optimal investment and business environment, and improving law-making as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of management and law enforcement.

More efforts should be made to stabilise the macro-economy, curb inflation, and raise productivity, quality, efficiency, competiveness, internal capacity and self-reliance.

Economic restructuring needs to go in tandem with growth model reform, while speeding up the implementation of national projects promoting the role of key economic regions and big urban areas.

The resolution also covers more rapid, sustainable and practical economic development in combination with cultural and social development and environmental protection, and the improvement of people’s material and spiritual lives.

The resolution highlights high-quality personnel training, along with scientific and technological development, creation and innovation.

The management of land and natural resources, environmental protection, natural disasters and diseases, and climate change must be enhanced, according to the resolution.

Another focus lies with organization and administrative reform, along with the intensification of disciplines and rules and the fight against corruption, wastefulness and other bad deeds.

The resolution urges efforts to consolidate national defence and security; improve the efficiency of external affairs and international integration; maintain independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and a peaceful and stable environment to serve national development; advance the reputation and position of the country in the international arena; effectively manage free trade agreements; and perform Vietnam’s roles as Chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Chair of the 41st  General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA 41), and non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the 2020-2021 tenure.

The resolution also mentions close coordination between agencies, organisations and fatherland front committees, as well as patriotic emulation, innovation and the organisation of big events.

10 major tasks, solutions

The resolution outlines 10 major tasks and solutions for 2020, including building and perfecting the legal system towards sustainability, modernity, international integration, feasibility and efficiency; seriously observing laws; consolidating the macro-economic platform, curbing inflation and creating a foundation for rapid, sustainable development; and stepping up economic restructuring in line with growth model reform, while improving productivity, quality, efficiency and competiveness in a pragmatic and effective manner.

Other tasks include effectively mobilising and utilising resources, pushing ahead with infrastructure and promoting the role of key economic regions and big urban areas

Resources, innovation, scientific-technological development and application, mechanisms to attract talents, social progress and equality are also covered.

National defence and security must be combined with socio-economic development, external affairs and international integration, the resolution says, stressing the need to raise the efficiency of State management to boost administrative reform and the settlement of petitions and complaints, whilst combatting corruption, wastefulness and bad deeds.