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Google facilitating growth of Vietnam’s game industry

Google, in collaboration with leading game companies and experts, held a series of Think Games Vietnam events from June 2 to 4.

It also announced intensive programmes to better support Vietnamese online game developers in international markets.

Tram Nguyen, Country Director for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam at Google Asia-Pacific, said it recently launched the GameCamp project and the Gaming Growth Lab programme for game developers in Vietnam.

Google hopes to see breakthrough growth in Vietnam’s game industry in international markets and turn it into a major foreign currency earner, contributing to economic recovery during and after the pandemic, she said.

Over past years, Google has diversified workforce training activities for Vietnam’s game industry at all levels. It also helped content developers find success via Google Play, a platform with over 2 billion users in more than 190 countries and territories.

According to the App Annie 2020 rankings, Vietnamese game companies ranked seventh in terms of downloads worldwide. For every 25 games downloaded, one is made by a Vietnamese company.

Since 2015, five Vietnamese companies have been on the list of the leading game developers in Southeast Asia and the Pacific in terms of downloads, as announced by App Annie.

As part of the event, the Global Games Market Report 2020 was also released by NewZoo, which showed that total revenue in the global game industry stood at 159.3 billion USD last year, up 9 percent against 2019. Nearly half came from mobile games, with games for tablets and smartphones earning 77.3 billion USD.

Asia is now the largest game market and accounts for half of total revenue. Together with Latin America and the Middle East - Africa, it is among the world’s fastest-growing markets./.