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Google announces top 10 search trends 2021 in Vietnam

Google has announced a list of top 10 search trends in Vietnam in 2021 together with 14 most-searched categories on Google Search.

Accordingly, the Google Year in Search 2021 depicted a panorama of interests by the Vietnamese people, which experts said, will enable firms and organisations to catch consumption trends as well as market and social information.

Topping the list of search trends was Euro 2021 with the keyword “Lịch thi đấu Euro”  (Euro fixtures). The key word “VTV6” – a channel that broadcast live Euro 2020 matches – was among the top three in this category.

The second on the list is online learning website that was developed by the Hanoi  National University of Education’s Centre for Computational Science. It provides curricula of subjects such as maths, Vietnamese, English and exam reviews for history, literature, geography, chemistry and physics. The keyword “OLM” was mostly searched by parents and students as many schools used its portal to hold online exams.

In online learning category, “Azota”, “K12online” and “Vioedu”, which are used for online teaching and exams, were popular keywords.

As the pandemic is spreading complicatedly, questions related to COVID-19 also arose with keywords such as “Phòng chống COVID” (COVID-19 prevention and control), “Khai báo y tế” (Health declaration), “COVID hôm nay” (COVID today) and “Chỉ thị 16” (Directive No.16) to learn more about social distancing regulations. In the first stage of vaccination, the public paid special attention to synchronising data between “Cổng thông tin tiêm chủng” (Vaccination portal) and “Sổ sức khỏe điện tử” (Electronic health record).

Notably, online entertainment and hi-tech tips also became special topics in the list as more Vietnamese sought to interact with each other. Online game platforms such as Play together, Poki, Genshin Impact, Among Us made new trends.

They also spent time on searching avatars or beautifying their computer or browser interfaces./.