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Gong casting introduced at seventh coffee festival

Gong casting performances are being introduced in the Central province of Dak Lak from March 11-13 as part of the seventh Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival to promote local cultural space of the gongs.

According to Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Dang Gia Duan, the performance is organised to give domestic and foreign visitors a deeper insight into gong culture in the Central Highlands, which has been listed among the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Also, it honours the traditional gong casting of artisans in the 400 year-old Phuoc Kieu village in Quang Nam province. The village has provided more than 4,000 sets of gongs for ethnic minority groups in the Central Highlands, including E De, Ba Na, Jrai, Xe Dang, M’nong and Chu Ru, to preserve and promote the cultural space of the gongs in the region, he said.

Besides gong casting, the event also features an array of art performances that draw the interest of both local people and visitors.

The seventh annual Buon Ma Thuot coffee festival is held on March 9 - 16, 2019, aiming to promote Buon Ma Thuot coffee brand, develop Vietnam specialty coffee and gradually turn Buon Ma Thuot city into a destination for coffee aficionados worldwide, contributing to affirm Vietnamese coffee’s position on the global market.