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GM Liem back on FIDE standard chess ranking

GM Liem back on FIDE standard chess ranking Vietnamese Grandmaster Le Quang Liem has been back on the International Chess Federation (FIDE) standard chess ranking after two-year absence as he had not competed in this category internationally since 2020.

Liem ranked 23rd with an Elo rating of 2,722, according the latest FIDE ranking released last week. The ranking was topped by Norwegian Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen with 2,864.

Two other Vietnamese grandmasters Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son and his spouse Pham Le Thao Nguyen were also named in the ranking. Son, a standard chess champion at SEA Games 31, was placed 111th with Elo of 2,645 while Nguyen was in the 2,583th position with 2,369.

Last month, Liem claimed the second place at the standard chess category of an international chess tournament in Czech Republic’s Prague.

He will be in Switzerland for the Biel Chess Festival 2022 from July 10 – 25./.