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Giang Brothers to attempt new world record

Giang Brothers climbed all 90 steps of the Girona Cathedral Church (in Girona, Spain) in 52 seconds. Photo: Files

Two Vietnamese circus artists and brothers, Giang Quoc Co and Giang Quoc Nghiep, will attempt to conquer a new world record with their head-balancing act in Rome, Italy, following an invitation from Guinness World Records.

As revealed by Co, the performance by the two brothers during the final of the UK’s biggest talent show, Britain’s Got Talent, in April impressed viewers around the world, including members of Guinness World Records based in Italy.

Earlier this month, the Giang brothers received an invitation to set a new world record with their death-defying performance at the Guinness World Records Show that will take place in Rome on November 11-15.

Co and Nghiep have been practising their head-balancing act while blindfolded, climbing the stairs backwards in preparation for the event.

“We will always face unexpected challenges, so we have to continue with our journey. We have received the official invitation from Guinness World Records, and we will prepare and train urgently to conquer the challenge for Vietnam,” the two brothers shared on their Facebook.

Earlier, in 2016, Co and Nghiep broke the world record for the most consecutive stairs climbed while balancing a person on the head in Girona, Spain after scaling 90 stairs of Saint Mary’s Cathedral in 52 seconds with Nghiep balancing atop Co using only their heads, breaking the world record that had been previously held by a Chinese artist.

Co, born in 1984, was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist when he was 28 years old while his young brother, Nghiep, born in 1989, was granted the same title when he was 26 years old, making them the youngest artists ever to receive the title in Vietnam.