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Gia Lai's Chu Dang Ya volcano - wonderful gift of nature

Chu Dang Ya volcano is a wonderful gift that nature has given to Gia Lai, and this is also one of attractive destinations in the Highlands mountainous province.

It is really an ideal place for those who love nature, love to explore and seek the wild, pure and charming beauty of the Central Highlands.

Chu Dang Ya is located in the territory of Ploi lagri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district, which is about 30km from the center of Pleiku city to the northeast and 20km from the famous tourist spot of Bien Ho.

According to the J'rai people, Chu Dang Ya means wild ginger root. This is one of the volcanoes that used to be violently active in the Central Highlands millions of years ago, lying hidden among unspoiled forests. Looking down from above, the mountain is like a giant funnel.

Plants in the mountain are green all year round without watering. The mixture of flowers and weeds is the highlight of Chu Dang Ya. In each season, the mountain will have its own unique features. If the red color of galangal flowers signals the rainy season, the yellow color of wild sunflowers indicates the arrival of winter.

In November, wild sunflowers bloom, spreading the golden color on both sides of the road leading to the foothills, and stretching to the crater, adorning the natural scenery of Chu Dang Ya more impressive.

During this time, Chu Dang Ya commune organizes a wild sunflower festival with a variety of activities. Visitors enjoy watching flowers, climbing mountains, getting drunk with “can” wine, listening to the rhythm of the local gongs while enjoying traditional dishes of the Central Highlands people such as “lam” rice, grilled chicken...

Chu Dang Ya volcano has been inactive for millions years, and so far the remnants of lava left behind make this land extremely fertile. Local people have taken advantage of the fertility of the soil to grow a variety of agricultural products such as galangal, corn, and squash. It is this farming activity that also gives Chu Dang Ya a very impressive beauty as the fields of corn and cassava give this place a peaceful scene with interesting color ranges.

Chu Dang Ya volcano is truly a paradise for those who love the wild and charming beauty of the Central Highlands. Thanks to the wild beauty, Chu Dang Ya has become a very famous tourist destination and it is considered as an extremely hot check-in point for tourists, especially young people.

All people who live near and far when coming to Chu Dang Ya volcano are fascinated by the beauty of this place.

Coming to Chu Dang Ya, we can comfortably stroll through the vast fields, stop under old trees or enjoy a romantic carpet of yellow flowers when wild sunflowers are in season.

When climbing to the crater, visitors seem to be lost in a giant basin, a medieval European gladiator court with a flat and round ground, surrounded by a 45-degree inclined mountain wall. From the dome of the volcano, visitors can freely watch the panoramic view of the mountain town of Pleiku, the scenic Bien Ho. At the same time, they can take pictures of the charming wild sunflowers blooming around the mouth of the mountain or at the foot of the mountain.

At the end of 2018, a 2-ton lava rock aged millions of years from Chu Dang Ya volcano was placed on the top of the volcano by the People's Committee of Chu Pah district, becoming the symbol for this natural landscape./.