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German newspaper praises Vietnam’s proactive, resolute COVID-19 fight

 A German newspaper recently ran an article praising Vietnam’s prompt and resolute response to the COVID-19 as it is quickly spreading in many countries despite their numerous measures.

The Junge Welt daily highlighted that a neighbour of China, Vietnam applied prompt and resolute measures in response to the disease as soon as it broke out. The government decided to close down schools and repeatedly extended the decision, as well as aired lectures for students on the TV as a way to help control the spread of the disease.

The article further said Vietnam made a good preparation in terms of test as it successfully developed cheap test kits which give accurate and early results and have been ordered by over 20 other countries.

The daily added that the Vietnamese government and local authorities have also taken resolute measures against the pandemic as there were more cases after three successive weeks’ absence. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc ordered authorities to quickly define and tightly control the sources of the disease and restrict the entry of the people from a number of countries, together with a fortnight compulsory quarantine./.