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Gac Ma soldiers – immortal monument in Vietnamese people’s hearts

Rear Admiral Phan Tuan Hung, Deputy Commander of the Naval Force, recently led a delegation to visit soldiers and officers on mission on islands of the Truong Sa archipelago, the central province of Khanh Hoa, and organised a ceremony to commemorate fallen soldiers in battle to defend Co Lin, Gac Ma and Len Dao reefs 33 years ago.

At the ceremony held on Co Lin, Colonel Le Xuan Phong, deputy head of the inspection committee of the Naval Force’s Party Committee, recalled the March 14, 1988 event, in which 64 naval soldiers and officers of Vietnam bravely sacrificed their lives to protect the nation’s sea and island sovereignty.

Vietnam underwent wars with severe losses; however, the Vietnamese people never forget Gac Ma soldiers’ sacrifice, he said.

Their image has become an immortal monument, contributing to bringing Truong Sa closer in the heart of Vietnamese people, he stressed.

“The Truong Sa archipelago is a sacred territorial part of the Fatherland. Each coral reef, grain of sand, branch of trees and blade of grass is imbued with sweat and blood of generations of the Vietnamese people. We respect the soldiers’ sacrifice and contribution to the nation’s unity and territorial integrity,” he said./.