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Full of happiness when Hanoi opens preschools

A decision of the Hanoi People’s Committee to allow the reopening of preschools from April 13 has received consensus from a majority of parents and teachers.

Kindergartens in the capital city have remained closed from late April last year after the outbreak of the fourth COVID-19 wave in Vietnam.

Hanoi is the last locality among 63 provinces and cities nationwide to allow kindergartens to resume in-person learning.

According to the municipal education department, about 80 percent of parents said they are willing to bring their children back to preschools. Many shared that the reopening of preschools is a great joy for them.

For many parents, the reopening of preschools means family reunion as they can pick up their kids from their hometowns to Hanoi to live together.

Meanwhile, preschools are busily preparing the best conditions to welcome pupils back after a nearly-one-year break.

Due to the long closure, many private ones went bankrupt or are on the verge of bankruptcy./.