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Frontline forces ensure peace in quarantine areas

It’s not the first time Nguyen Van Chien has been sent on a mission, but it is the first time he has been stationed at a quarantine zone to prevent a pandemic.

Chien is head of the Hoang Mai District Police in Hanoi. He is among more than 100 personnel working at six supervision stations and a patrol team at quarantine centres to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

People in a quarantine area in the central province of Nghe An (Photo: VNA)

Since the middle of March, they’ve been working at the Hanoi Vocational College of High Technology in Tay Mo Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, and the Phap Van-Tu Hiep Students’ Zone in Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District.

The first they did upon arrival was set up staff rota to ensure all the work is covered.

Chien said when the first batch of students and foreigners from affected countries arrived at his zone on March 19, it was a massive influx and there was a lot of work to do.

After a long tiring trip, they were all exhausted and it was difficult to communicate with them due to language barriers. Using sign language, they managed to show people where to queue up and complete all the procedures needed to enter the quarantine zone following Ministry of Health regulations.

On that day, they finished work at 2am after settling 200 people into the quarantine zone.

But their duties were not over. They still had to keep a close watch on the zone to stop people leaving or others entering, while dealing with those who did not follow the regulations.

Chien said the Phap Van-Tu Hiep Students’ Zone had about 500 rooms with beds for about 4,000 people.

For a quarantine zone this is good, but the officials still had to ensure security. With such a large number of people, accommodation arrangements had to be thought out carefully to ensure their property and safety.

Sleepless night

Captain Dinh Van Cuong's phone rang at 4am.

The caller was a member of the steering committee for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control.

He was informed that a foreigner in quarantine had refused to follow regulations and was demanding to leave.

Cuong patiently convinced the man so that he understood, but by the time the man had agreed to go back to his room it was already broad daylight.

Despite all these obstacles, they are still doing their best to fulfill their tasks with determination to control the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure everyone is safe./.