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Fresh fruit exported to China in refrigerated containers

Export of fresh fruit to China via train using refrigerated containers has contributed to curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Vietnam Railways Corporation (VNR), this kind of shipping helps reduce the number of people engaged in the export procedure, while it is not necessary to quarantine drivers and owners.

The VNR said on March 30 that after more than a month of operation, over 200 refrigerated containers of dragon fruit have been shipped to China.

At present, it takes about 70 hours by train with refrigerated containers to go from the southern region to Dong Dang Station in the northern mountainous province of Lang Son. A train’s transport capacity is 20 times higher than that of a truck, and the transportation cost by a train is about 20 percent lower than 20 trucks.

Apart from dragon fruit, nine other fruits will be exported to China by train in the time ahead.

The VNR said that in the context of difficulties in exporting agricultural products to China through auxiliary border gates due to COVID-19, the use of refrigerated containers for international shipping is currently the most effective solution./