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FPT’s AI learning assistant makes debut

FPT Software of Vietnam (FPT) has launched itsVioEdu online educational system at as part of efforts to apply new and modern technologies into education.

As the first artificial intelligence (AI) learning assistant in Vietnam, the system is designed for students at high schools, helping personalise their studies.

Thanks to the latest technologies such as AI, big data and graph-based knowledge modeling, the system helps students reduce learning time by 30 percent – 50 percent and improve learning efficiency.

Through the system, the study process and data about students' learning behaviours and ability will be synthesised and analysed by AI to find students’ strengths and gaps in knowledge they face, thus proposing study plans that suit each student.

FPT said the system’s website supports 400 video lessons. VioEdu is aiming to cover all knowledge regarding maths in English and Vietnamese, English, physics, chemistry, and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

The system also includes an administrative function for schools and teachers, which helps cut 95 percent of time spent on making exercises and practices, saves grading time, and assists teachers in evaluating the performance of students.

The system also enables comprehensive administration over teaching and learning at schools.