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Four Vietnamese honoured as excellent foreign workers in Japan

Four Vietnamese were among the five workers awarded the title of excellent foreign construction workers of Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport during a ceremony held on March 23.

They are Than Van Hoang working for Osaka-based Okasan Kogyo, Dang Van Kien of Nitta group in Tokyo, Hoang Manh Hung of Sato Construction Management Company (Sacom) in Hokkaido and Nguyen Manh Duong of Masuko in Ibaraki.

The fifth worker honoured is a Myanmarese, Moon Aung of Ecowork in Shizuoka.

Phan Tien Hoang, chief representative of Vietnam’s Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in Japan said the awards recognise the constant efforts of Vietnamese workers to sharpen their skills and adapt to the working environment in Japan, which is all the more significant in the context of the great impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of many trainees and workers of Vietnam and other countries in Japan.

As of late 2020, about 5,500 foreign workers were working in the construction industry in Japan./