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Foreigners in Hanoi delighted to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Like local residents, foreigners living in Hanoi have received COVID-19 tests and vaccine shots as part of the capital city’s efforts to resume the new normal situation soon.

In recent days, a large number of foreigners have come to vaccination sites for COVID-19 testing and vaccination. They all showed their delight to be served with the same way local residents in the city are served, Quan doi Nhan dan (People's Army) newspaper reported.

At the vaccination sites, foreigners received support from volunteers. The volunteers helped them to declare personal information, check blood pressure, and engage in follow-up checks after their vaccination. Foreigners, who had been vaccinated, have also been asked to stay to help other foreigners.

Luangkhampheng Khammany, a Lao student studying at Vietnam National University of Agriculture, said that he feels very lucky to be vaccinated when learning abroad. “I am appreciative and grateful to the Hanoi capital’s authorities. Vietnam is like my second homeland,” he said.

Meanwhile, Robert James Leicester, an Australian teacher at Nguyen Sieu Inter-level School, said that the COVID-19 vaccination campaign has been implemented well in Hanoi. “I appreciated medical personnel who have wholeheartedly helped me and other friends to be vaccinated,” he stated./.