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Foreign man huge fan of late President

In a small house near the centre of Saint-Truiden, about 80km from Brussels to the East, hang a photo of President Ho Chi Minh, along with those of other great leaders in the world.

Ahmet Yazar, a man of the Turkish origin who has lived in Belgium for more than 30 years, called President Ho Chi Minh “Uncle Ho” like generations of Vietnamese have been doing.

On his bookshelf, Yazar displays other photos of President Ho Chi Minh, including one featuring the President working and a group photo of the beloved President and international children.

Yazar said he respects the President as a true revolutionary, who led Vietnamese people to independence and had broad knowledge, stressing that Ho Chi Minh was the leader of not only Vietnamese people but all with “hearts for freedom”.
The man said President Ho Chi Minh, as a poet, a writer and a philosopher, has given inspirations in his life.

Expressing his love for Vietnamese people for their solidarity and hardworking spirit, Yazar said he plans to travel to Vietnam with his daughters and pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at his mausoleum in Hanoi.

Philip Fernandez, from the Canada-Vietnam Friendship Association (CVFS), highlighted at an online workshop on May 17 that President Ho Chi Minh was honoured in Vietnam and the world for his contributions to Vietnamese people and humankind.

He described Vietnam’s increasing position in the international arena as a legacy of the President.

The workshop was jointly held by the CVFS and the association on the occasion of the late leader’s birthday, during which books on the President were released./.