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Flights from nCoV-affected areas to Vietnam suspended

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAV) has asked airlines to proactively adjust their flight schedules and suspended all flights from coronavirus-affected areas to Vietnam.

In its recent directive on the prevention and combat of the acute respiratory disease caused by the novel virus originated from China’s Wuhan province, the CAV ordered airlines to not conduct regular flights and require additional licences for flights from Vietnam to China’s affected regions.

Flights from and to affected areas in China must be restricted, the CAV said.

The administration requested airports to step up inspection and coordinate with relevant agencies to carry out plans to prevent and cope with a possible virus outbreak.

It asked the air transport department to suspend the approval of new flights from Vietnam to China’s affected areas and vice versa.

In its previous directive, the CAV ordered airlines to immediately report suspected cases to service supply agencies for prompt isolation and prevention.

As of January 30 morning, the pneumonia outbreak caused by the new strain of coronavirus (nCoV) caused at least 170 deaths and more than 7,700 infected in China. The outbreak first occurred in Wuhan, China, in late December 2019, and has now spread to 15 other countries with about 60 cases in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.