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First Vietnamese becomes IAQ academician

Dr. Ngo Van Nhon, Chairman of Vietnam Quality Association and President of Institute for Quality Assessment and Development in Ho Chi Minh City, has become the first Vietnamese to become an academician of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ).

The title was presented to Nhon at the recent IAQ general meeting in the US with the participation of more than 3,500 delegates from 45 countries.

The event was held by the IAQ and the American Society for Quality to discuss the maintenance of quality principles in the digital era, especially in the context of fourth industrial revolution.

To become an academician at the IAQ, Nhon, who is also a member of the Asian Network for Quality, experienced a strict evaluation process over three years.

He met criteria such as having at least 15 years of experience in lecturing, research and quality practice activities at home and abroad.

Other standards include writing at least 30 scientific articles in prestigious magazines and presenting at international conferences.

Nhon was introduced by Vietnamese experts in the field and received sponsorship from IAQ academicians from Japan, Russia and India.

The IAQ currently has 133 academicians representing 37 countries, including 44 from Asia.