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First Nguyen king’s artifacts exhibited at Hue museum

The Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities is displaying more than 40 artefacts relating to King Gia Long of the Nguyen Dynasty, including muskets and royal seals.

Gia Long was the first king (reign 1802- 1820) of the Nguyen Dynasty, Vietnam’s last royal family (1802-1945).

The exhibition is being held on the occasion of the king's 200th death anniversary, and will last until the end of August.

The royal seal, which is made of ceramic and coated with gold, was used by Emperor Gia Long to stamp documents and directives.

The exhibition displays different types of bricks that Gia Long chose to build the Hue Citadel and his tomb.

Located at the Hue Citadel in the centre of Hue, the Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities was established in 1923 and originally named Musée Khai Dinh (Kha Dinh Museum), one of the first museums in Vietnam./