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First emergency treatment for UN staff member marks new milestone in Vietnam–UN ties

 Vietnam, at the request of the United Nations, has received and successfully treated a UN staff member who contracted COVID-19 while working in a regional country and was in critical condition.

The patient was brought to Vietnam by a plane run by the UN Emergency Chartered Medical Evacuation Services (MEDEVAC).

After undergoing intensive treatment in a strict quarantine process, and thanks to expertise and dedicated care of Vietnamese doctors and nurses, the patient have fully recovered and been discharged from hospital. The UN staff member left Vietnam on June 15 to come back to work.

It was the first time Vietnam has received and treated a patient as a UN staff member under the MEDEVAC mechanism, marking a new development step in the Vietnam – UN comprehensive partnership. The deed once again affirmed Vietnam’s humane tradition, willingness and commitment to contribute to international cooperation in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

UN leaders and representatives at different levels appreciated and expressed their gratitude to Vietnam’s good will and spirit of international solidarity. They spoke highly of the Vietnamese health sector’s professional capacity and contributions to the care and protection of people’s health as well as expanding international cooperation and improving the country’s position.

Especially, UN Under-Secretary General Atul Khare lauded the significance of the deed, saying it helped the UN fulfill its tasks in the region. He also expressed wish to receive more support from Vietnam in the near future.

On the occasion, he also thanked Vietnam for continuing to send medical workers to the leve-2 field hospital in South Sudan and giving COVID-19 vaccine shots to them before departure.

MEDEVAC was set up with the aim of creating a global framework to provide emergency evacuation for severely ill UN staff members who require a level of care not available at their locations. Many countries in and outside the region engaged in the reception and treatment for them via the MEDEVAC mechanism.

The UN, through the COVAX Facility, had already sent nearly 2.5 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Vietnam, out of a total of 38.9 million doses it committed to provide for the country free of charge.

Since its admission to the UN in 1977, Vietnam has received great support and assistance from UN organs to overcome war consequences, reconstruct the country and in the renewal process, especially improve production capacity, develop human resources, science-technology, integrate into the world and fulfill global development goals.

Together with offering medical supplies to countries worldwide in the past year, Vietnam has and will continue contributing to international solidarity to surmount the pandemic./.