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First Cleanfact 2022 to take place next month

The international exhibition “Cleanroom and high-tech factory solutions” (CLEANFACT 2022) will be held on November 11 in VSIP Urban and Service Industrial Park in the northern province of Bac Ninh.

This is the first and only event in Vietnam connecting the high-tech industry ecosystem.

Organised by INTECH Group, the two-day event will be a place for suppliers of products and services to display and demonstrate useful products and solutions for customers.

Domestic and FDI investors, as well as contractors in the high-tech field, will be able to explore products and services and meet international suppliers.

With a size of up to 3000sq.m, more than 100 kiosks will be occupied by a variety of companies, including Bluescope, Sunwizz, Techmaster, BigaPanel, CBRE, VSIP, DEEP C, Core5, Sotaville, and BCE Vietnam.

High-tech goods, services, and solutions will be displayed by companies. Solutions for high-tech factories, new material solutions, energy-saving solutions, high-tech factory auxiliary systems, machinery, production lines for high-tech factories, and many other items and fields will be on display.

A series of seminars along the exhibition which aim to create maximum value for customers who are interested in investing and building factories will also be held. At the same time, it would contribute to promote the development of the high-tech manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

The seminar "Industrial Investment Trends and Solutions for Designing, Constructing, and Operating Modern Factories" will provide investors with an understanding of regulating, assuring quality, cost-optimising, and a straightforward building process.

The seminar "Cleanroom Technology Trends" will address industry possibilities and problems, as well as trending clean room strategies and demonstrating innovative technology.

Intech Group is involved in sterile environments and high-tech factory development and construction.

Intech Group has three offices in Hanoi, Bac Ninh province, and HCM City, as well as ten members that comprise an ecosystem./.