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Festival introduces Vietnamese cuisine to Brazilian diners

Festival introduces Vietnamese cuisine to Brazilian diners


The Vietnam-Brazil culinary festival opened at Mezanino restaurant in Brasilia on April 20, marking the opening of activities to introduce Vietnamese cuisine at 14 well-known restaurants in the Brazilian capital city until May 8.

The event was jointly held by the Vietnamese Embassy in Brazil and the union of hotels, restaurants and bars (Sindhobar) of Brazil, and funded by Brasilia Bank, Brazil’s national vocational training centre (SENA), and tobacco producer BAT Brazil.

It drew nearly 100 guests who are cooks at local restaurants, representatives from local hotels and reporters.

Addressing the event, Sindhobar Chairman Jael Antonio Da Silva said that the festival aims to foster culinary connections between Vietnam and Brazil, and introduce unique Vietnamese dishes to Brazilians.

The 14 restaurants participating in the festival are Same Same But Differente, Makisan, Grande Muralha, Capim Dourado, Fred, Taypá, Gran Bier, Sagres, Mayer Sabores do Brasil, Downtown Senac, CapimDourado, Universal, Osteria Vicenza and Casa Baco. They will showcase Vietnamese dishes such as spring roll, pho (noodle soup), and bun cha (grilled pork with vermicelli). Visitors will also be able to enjoy dessert with fried banana cake and egg coffee.

Vice Governor of the Federal District of Brasilia Paco Britto thanked the Vietnamese Embassy for the idea of instructing local cooks on Vietnamese traditional dishes. He also underlined that the event not only helps connect the culinary cultures of Vietnam and Brazil, but also deepens the mutual understanding and friendship between Vietnamese and Brazilian people.

For her part, Vietnamese Ambassador to Brazil Pham Thi Kim Hoa said that visitors to the festival will have a chance to enjoy special dishes with the unique taste of Vietnam, thus bringing cuisine and the nation of Vietnam closer to foreign friends.

The festival is part of cultural cooperation activities to celebrate the 62nd founding anniversary of Brasilia (April 21, 1960-2022)./.