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Female parliamentarians play important role in securing jobs, income for women workers

A draft Resolution on “The Role Of Women Parliamentarians In Securing Jobs and Income for Women Workers” was adopted on September 8 in the Meeting of Women Parliamentarians of AIPA (WAIPA) within the framework of the General Assembly of ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA-41).

The draft Resolution is expected to be submitted for approval at the AIPA-41 on September 10.

Addressing the meeting, Permanent Vice Chairwoman of the National Assembly of Vietnam Tong Thi Phong mentioned severe impacts by the COVID - 19 pandemic on female workers. “Closing the gender gap in employment should be a top priority if we want to achieve gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls by 2030,” she said.

Delivering a speech at the meeting, Chairwoman of the National Assembly Committee for Social Affairs Nguyen Thuy Anh, who presided over the meeting, recalled actions by Vietnamese parliamentarians in response to COVID-19, including their participation in reviewing and approving bailout package for those affected by the pandemic, encouraging voters and people to adhere to recommendations against the pandemic, while conveying voters’ needs and demands during the pandemic to authorised agencies for settlement.

Other activities included monitoring the implementation of policies against the pandemic and post-pandemic supporting policies; integrating relevant matters; supervising works of the National Assembly; as well as adjusting working plans and programmes to cooperate with the Government to issue necessary decisions in fighting the pandemic.

She also made recommendations to securing jobs and income for women workers. First, she mentioned enhancement parliamentary activities, monitoring of state budget, representing women and assisting in building capacity of women in response to the pandemic, as well as promoting women’s leadership in emergency situations.

Second, she proposed the enhancement of parliamentary cooperation for a responsive and cohesive ASEAN Community while devising supporting measures for women workers and disadvantaged people amid the pandemic.

Thuy Anh also suggested more exchanges made to share experiences on establishing and improving working policies for women and more learning and working opportunities open for women.

Participants at the event discussed impacts by COVID-19 on female labourers and measures adopted by their parliaments in addressing challenges facing women during the outbreak as well as policies and actions to promote gender equality in their countries./.