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Fatherland Front’s official sends Easter greetings to Protestants

Vice President and Secretary General of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee (VFFCC) Hau A Lenh offered Easter greetings to Protestants while visiting the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (North) in Hanoi on April 22.

Pastor Nguyen Huu Mac, head of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (North), said that the church is the biggest Protestant organisation in the north of the country, with more than 170,000 followers, 21 branches, and 13 churches across 29 northern provinces and centrally run cities. It also has 600 sites licensed to host religious practices.

Notably, the church was licensed to set up the Hanoi Bible College, which has helped affirm its stature over the last six years, he said, noting that authorities have created favourable conditions for its activities.

In recent years, Protestants in many provinces like Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Cao Bang, and Nam Dinh have actively engaged in environmental protection and climate change response. They have also developed a number of environmentally-friendly tourism models attractive to domestic and foreign visitors, he added.

Appreciating contributions by the Evangelical Church, the VFFCC Vice President and Secretary General said that as a member of the VFF, the church has strongly responded to patriotic emulation campaigns and movements, thereby contributing to the country’s development and the great national unity bloc.

At the meeting, Lenh offered Easter greetings to church leaders, pastors, and followers.

He asked Pastor Mac, as head of the religious institution, to continue encouraging dignitaries and followers to actively take part in the VFF, executive boards of organisations, people-elected agencies, as well as social activities and patriotic emulation movements.

The official also called on the church to continue the coordination programme with Protestants on environmental protection and climate change in specific localities, and encourage its followers to comply with the Law on Belief and Religion and socio-economic development policies.