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Famous photographer Nick Ut visits Vietnam Pictorial

Famous photographer Nick Ut visits Vietnam Pictorial


Editor-in-chief of Vietnam Pictorial Nguyen Thang introduces the covers of Vietnam Pictorial magazines to photographer Nick Ut. Photo: VNP

On October 3, former Associated Press (AP) war photographer Nick Ut (Huynh Cong Ut), who took the famous “Napalm Girl” photo, visited and talked with reporters and editors at Vietnam Pictorial, Vietnam News Agency, during his stay in Vietnam.

For reporters working for Vietnam Pictorial, a leading provider of external information services in Vietnam and the only print press product of Vietnam to make its appearance in many countries in the region and the world, it was a great opportunity to listen to photo reporter Nick Ut talking about press photos and his historical photo that shocked the world 50 years ago. He also shared  stories about his 52 year-experience of working for AP.

Photographer Nick Ut looks at printed copies of Vietnam Pictorial. Photo: VNP

Nick Ut talks with reporters and editors from Vietnam Pictorial. Photo: VNP

 He looks at the website of Vietnam Pictorial. Photo: VNP


Vietnam Pictorial’s reporters and editors and photographer Nick Ut pose or a photo. Photo: VNP  

Editor-in-chief of Vietnam Pictorial Nguyen Thang presents a gift to photographer Nick Ut. Photo: VNP

At the meeting, Nick talked about his feelings when he took the “Napalm Girl” photo in 1972 which depicts Phan Thi Kim Phuc, a nine-year-old girl, running naked down a highway with her siblings after her clothes were burned off by one of the napalm bombs dropped on her village in the southern province of Tay Ninh. It was AP’s late legendary photojournalist Horst Faas, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who asked Nick to send the photo immediately to the agency for publication . The next day, the photo titled "The Terror of War” ran on the front pages of many newspapers in the United States and its brutal imagery became a powerful force in the anti-war movement around the world.

The photo brought a Pulitzer Prize to Nick Ut in 1973 and he becomes the first Vietnamese in the 20th century to be awarded one of the most prestigious awards in journalism. This work was also ranked 41st in the 100 most influential photos of the 20th century and one of the 10 most memorable press photos in 50 years.

According to Nick , there were many memorable moments during his 52 years working for AP. However, the moment of taking the photo "Napalm Girl" is always on his mind.

Nick  now works as a freelance photographer. He has been travelling around the world to take photos, teach at workshops and speak at seminars.