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Facebook, MPI join hands in tourism promotion

The Ministry of Planning and Investment and Facebook have jointly launched the "Proud Vietnam" project, including the "Immense Vietnam" music video, which aims to promote the country’s tourism.

The project also aims to attract domestic and foreign tourists to Vietnam and is expected to be a source of national pride for the Vietnamese people in response to the Prime Minister's call for post-COVID-19 economic and tourism promotion. 

The launch also marked the start of the “Immense Vietnam” fanpage which showcases Vietnam’s natural beauty and rich cultural identity – a destination that lends itself perfectly to tourism and business alike.

The “Immense Vietnam” music video made its debut with the participation of Vietnamese artists including singer Minh Hang, supermodel Hoang Yen, actor Lien Binh Phat and other stars who bring with them a wave of optimism that showcases the best of Vietnam. The video was directed by internationally-renowned Japanese Brazilian director Mauricio Osaki.

“With tens of millions of users in Vietnam, Facebook is well aware of its responsibility to help contribute to positive messages that will support Việt Nam during its economic recovery. We are honoured to cooperate with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and other partners to implement the programme "Proud Vietnam" to help promote Vietnam’s beautiful image to the world. The programme continues to demonstrate Facebook's commitment to promote the economy in general and the tourism industry in particular, based on the power of digital media,” said Nguyen Anh Nguyet, Country Head of Vietnam Public Policy, Facebook.

“As a business enterprise in the field of tourism, we understand the difficulties of the industry and the post-pandemic COVID-19 businesses. This is a golden time to promote the image of ‘Vietnam - A safe destination’ to everyone," said Le Dac Lam, CEO of VnTrip.

The event "Proud Vietnam" is in the #fb4Economy pillar of the “Facebook for Vietnam” campaign, one of Facebook's key programmes in Vietnam in 2020. #Fb4Economy includes a series of programmes that aim to contribute to the country’s business community, especially small and medium enterprises, to help Vietnam’s economic recovery after COVID-19./.