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EXPO 2020 Dubai honours Ha Long Bay as a new wonder of the world

The Ha Long Bay Week at EXPO 2020 Dubai has officially opened with many special activities to promote and honour the UNESCO's World Natural Heritage. The two highlights of the Ha Long Bay Week are the honouring event held at the Vietnam Pavilion and the art performance programme of six countries on EXPO 2020 biggest outdoor stage, reported the Nhan dan (People) newspaper.

Vietnamese Ambassador to the UAE Nguyen Manh Tuan speaks at the ceremony honouring the Ha Long Bay – a UNESCO World Natural Heritage – at the Expo 2020 Dubai. (Photo: VGP/Diep Anh).

Speaking at the event on February 12, Ambassador Nguyen Manh Tuan emphasised that, as one of the most important and well-known Vietnamese heritage sites, Ha Long Bay possesses a majestic landscape with thousands of large and small islands and a system of caves. It is an interesting destination, containing many important vestiges in the formation and development of earth's history, and is also the cradle of the ancient Vietnamese people.

Ha Long Bay is also home to a high concentration of biodiversity with typical ecosystems and thousands of diverse and abundant plant and animal species. In addition, this place is also associated with many cultural values within the heroic history of the Vietnamese nation.

Also at the ceremony, Ambassador Tuan and the delegates witnessed the Ha Long Bay marker unveiling ceremony – a special guidepost with signs recording the distance from Dubai City, where EXPO 2020 Dubai is held, to places on the list of 7 new natural wonders of the world. In which Ha Long Bay is designed with outstanding colours.

Another big event that is highly anticipated during the Ha Long Bay Week is the art show took place on the same afternoon at Jubilee stage, EXPO 2020.

The week also shows the initiative and creativity of the Vietnam Exhibitor in connecting countries with wonders, contributing more colours to the overall success of Expo 2020, while enhancing the promotion of Vietnam's art and cuisine, and bringing the reputation of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay to the international public./.