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Ethnic groups celebrate New Year with various activities

Numerous cultural and arts activities are taking place at the Vietnam National Villages For Ethnic Culture And Tourism in Hanoi from January 1-31, helping visitors more understand traditional cultural features and celebrations of the new year of ethnic groups.
The programme themed "Spring on the uplands" is taking place from January 1-31.

The highlight of the programme is the reproduction of a ceremony to wash away bad luck and pray for a peaceful, happy and favourable new year by Tay and Nung ethnic people.

In addition, people from Tay, Nung and Thai groups will perform the “Then” practice which has in fact been added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Visiting the villages of Tay, Nung and Thai ethnic people during pleasant spring days, visitors can enjoy traditional “Then” songs and melodies of “Tinh” lute.

Other folk dances and songs along with traditional folk games and specialties of ethnic minority groups in the northern mountainous provinces will also be held during the programme.

The villages of ethnic minority groups will be decorated with vibrant colours to welcome the Lunar New Year Festival according to the customs of each group.

Visitors to the village will also have an opportunity to join cultural and art exchange activities with local people.