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Essex lorry incident: Bodies, ashes of remaining 23 victims brought home

The bodies and ashes of the remaining 23 victims in the Essex lorry incident arrived at Noi Bai international airport, Hanoi on November 30.

The victims were among the 39 found dead in a refrigerated lorry in Essex, the northeast of London, on November 23.

Earlier on November 27, the Foreign Ministry also partnered with Vietnamese and UK authorities to transport the bodies of 16 victims home.

The repatriation of the victims’ bodies and ashes was the result of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s instruction and concerted efforts of the Foreign Ministry, the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK and related agencies and local authorities in working closely with the UK side, guiding the victims’ families in completing necessary procedures and organizing the transportation.

The Vietnam Airlines Corporation also provided active support for the repatriation.

The verification, citizen protection and transportation of victims home were conducted in a humanitarian spirit and in accordance with international law as well as laws and customs of both countries.