Le Nhu Nhat, director of the provincial Industry and Trade Department said that the installation of the two newest earthquake monitoring stations have recently been finished by the Dak Drinh Hydropower Joint Stock Company – the investor of Dak Drinh Hydropower Plant.

It aims to accurately and fully record earthquakes occurring in Kon Plong district and surrounding areas, he said.

Based on warnings from the earthquake monitoring stations, local authorities and people in earthquake zones can take proactive measures to prevent damage to people and property that may occur due to earthquakes, he said.

Since 2021, the district has recorded more than 300 earthquakes. The strongest earthquake was 4.7 magnitude with strong tremors felt in the coastal central city of Da Nang.

Initially, scientists from the Institute of Geophysics said that recent earthquakes in the province were stimulated earthquakes, caused by the accumulation of water in hydroelectric reservoirs.

But to confirm the cause and have a basis for forecasting, the institute needs to conduct surveys, observations and detailed geological studies in the area, scientists said./.