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Efforts needed to encourage travellers to use e-vehicles

Efforts needed to encourage travellers to use e-vehicles


A legal framework, support policies and a concerted infrastructure system are needed to encourage people to switch to using electric vehicles, according to Director of VinFast’s charging station development centre Vu Thang.

He held that policies to encourage the development of e-vehicles in Vietnam have remained limited in the absence of a common set of standards and sufficient charging stations.

The official stressed that the Ministry of Science and Technology has yet to set standards for the construction of charging stations and equipment.

Meanwhile, power supplies for charging stations are also another difficulty as they are based far from power sources, he said, adding that there are also a number of barriers in ground clearance for the construction of the stations.

The number of e-vehicles in the country remains low and has yet to affect the power network, but when it rises, VinFast will encourage customers to charge their vehicles during off-peak hours.

Thang said VinFast has introduced six electric automobiles and more than 10 models of e-motorbikes.

At the same time, the firm is building a network of charging stations with a wide coverage and safety to ensure convenience for users, contributing to promoting the use of green vehicles, he said.

He noted that VinFast has opened about 3,000 charging stations in the 63 localities nationwide, while developing a team of support technicians to provide on-the-spot charging services./.