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Ecotourism a means to sustain Ca Mau’s bird parks

Ecotourism development has been deemed a sustainable and realistic means of effectively preserving bird parks in the southernmost province of Ca Mau and of harmonising the interests of households managing the parks.

The province boasts diverse flora and fauna, especially at its bird parks, which are primarily managed by local residents.

The provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has rolled out different solutions over the years to address matters that risk reducing the number and quality of bird parks such as the expansion of shrimp farming and rampant use of plant protection chemicals and at the same time bolstered environmental protection at such locations.

Efforts have been made to improve and tackle land, water, and air pollution, as well as invasive non-native species.

The conservation of bird parks requires the engagement of relevant agencies and the community, according to head of the provincial Forest Protection Department Le Van Hai.

The Tu Su Bird Park in Bien Bach Dong commune in Thoi Binh district, some 30 km from Ca Mau city, is an example of successful ecotourism.

It spans over 10 ha and is home to over 300,000 birds from 18 species, including many listed in Vietnam’s Red Book of rare and endangered species of fauna and flora. The park was built 20 years ago on an initial area of 3 ha, according to its owner, Truong Minh Thang.

The provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the People’s Committee placed the community-based tourism site within the province’s tourism planning in 2018.

Local agencies have helped Thang’s family acquire the necessary skills for tourism operations and improving environmental hygiene, in a bid to properly take care of the park.

Communications efforts on bird protection, meanwhile, have been bolstered to raise public awareness.

Over the past three years, tourism activities have not only improved the lives of Thang and his family but also created jobs for local people./