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Dozens of tonnes of Vietnamese longan enter Australia over past few weeks

Dozens of tonnes of Vietnamese longans have been exported to Australia and distributed in the states of South Australia and Western Australia over the past few weeks.

The most recent was the shipment of 7.5 tonnes of longans from the Mekong Delta provinces which arrived in Australia on August 6 and the 9-tonne batch departing from the northern province of Hai Duong on August 8 will join a promotional event, titled “Nhan Viet Nam minh” (Vietnamese longans), to be held by the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia.

Both batches were imported by 4 Ways Fresh – a Australia-based agribusiness founded in early 1993.

According to 4 Ways Fresh CEO Ly Hoang Duy, Vietnamese fresh longans have gained good impression and favours from local consumers. Vietnamese longans are sold at lower prices compared to those grown in Australia, Duy said, adding that though the longans are small, they have special flavours and very sweet.

Since the beginning of 2020, 4 Ways Fresh has imported about 30 tonnes of longans from Vietnam, mostly the Mekong Delta. After the shipment of 9 tonnes of longans from Hai Duong arrived in Australian, the company plans to raise the weekly import to 10 tonnes to meet increasing demand.

The event “Vietnamese longans” will last until the harvest season ends in Vietnam, according to head of the Vietnam Trade Office in Australia Nguyen Phu Hoa. It will include promotional activities on social networks, he added.

In 2019, longan has become the fourth Vietnamese fruit to gain permission to enter Australian market after lychee, mango and dragon fruit./.