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Donacoop to import 15 million doses of Pfizer vaccine

General Director of Dong Nai Union of General Agricultural Service Cooperatives (Donacoop) Bui Thanh Truc said that Donacoop has finalised an agreement with Pfizer to import about 15 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine and the US partner has prepared enough vaccine supply for Donacoop.
Donacoop is waiting for the Ministry of Health's completion of procedures so that the vaccine can be imported to the country within 10 days.

If the procedures are accomplished soon and warehouses available by early September, the COVID-19 vaccine will be imported and distributed to Dong Nai and pandemic-hit provinces in the eastern, west, and central regions.

Donacoop's import of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is carried out in line with the policy and conclusion of the Politburo and Resolution 21 of the Government to encourage localities, businesses and units to search and import vaccines against COVID-19, in order to have the fastest, earliest and biggest sources of vaccines for Vietnamese people./