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Discussion facilitates establishment of ASEAN centre at Kiev university

Representatives from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the embassies of Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia in Ukraine, and the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev sat down recently to discuss the establishment of an ASEAN centre within the university.

University rector Leonid Huberskyi underscored the importance of the project in his remarks, and pledged his support and the venue, equipment, and resources needed for the centre to become operational shortly.

It will introduce ASEAN’s political situation, socio-economy, and culture, and connect Ukraine and the bloc’s member states, he added.

Yevhen Pikalov, Director General of the Directorate General for the Asia-Pacific Region at the ministry, committed to working with relevant parties to draft a memorandum of understanding on the university and ASEAN nations carrying out specific steps for the centre’s establishment.

Ukraine is aware of ASEAN’s regional and global importance, he affirmed, noting that the opening of the centre aims to boost relations between the two sides via cultural, knowledge, and information exchanges.

Participating ASEAN member nations said the centre would open up a new chapter in ASEAN - Ukraine ties via enhancing mutual cooperation and understanding.

They said the centre will be a venue for workshops, conferences, and research, creating opportunities for educational and cultural exchange.

The embassies and the university agreed to appoint representatives for further detailed discussions on the establishment, including on infrastructure, equipment, and socio-political and educational publications.

Both sides noted that specific steps must be implemented so the centre can be open this year, during Vietnam’s ASEAN chairmanship.

Founded in 1834, the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev is the leading contemporary academic and educational institution in Ukraine. Its Institute of Philology offers programmes in over 30 languages worldwide, including Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesian./