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Deputy PM directs resolutely preventing illegal entry into Vietnam

 Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh has required ministries, agencies and localities to heighten alert and resolutely prevent illegal entry into Vietnam amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent discovery of several cases of Chinese illegally entering Vietnam.

The requirement was highlighted in a document announcing instructions made by the Deputy PM during a recent national teleconference to review performance of the Government’s Steering Committee on Crime Prevention and Control and the National Steering Committee on Fighting Crimes, Smuggling, Trade Fraud and Counterfeits (Steering Committee 389) and outline their future tasks.

The Deputy PM also outlined key tasks in the time ahead for ministries, agencies and localities in order to make more substantial results in the fight against crime, smuggling and trade frauds, which he said is an important and regular political task.

Those who hold the top positions in sectors and localities must bear responsibility for the fight in the sector and locality under their management.

He instructed the continued revision of legal regulations related to the fight against crimes, smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeits; the use of advanced technology to share information among agencies involved, and expansion of international cooperation, including proposing negotiations and signing of international conventions and agreements in the field.

The Ministry of Public Security was urged to crack down on crimes of all types, especially the illegal entry of foreigners into the country.

The Ministry of National Defence must enhance border control to prevent illegal cross-border   transport of goods and movement of people, including at sea. 

The Ministry of Industry and Trade was requested to step up administrative reform, continue effectively carrying out the campaign “Vietnamese people prioritise Vietnamese goods”, and improving the competitiveness of Vietnamese goods.

The Office of the Steering Committee 389’s standing board will inspect and direct ministries, agencies and localities in the effort./