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Delegations sent to offer Tet greetings to soldiers at DK1 platforms

The Command of Naval Region 2 on January 8 sent two delegations to visit and offer Lunar New Year (Tet) greetings to officers and soldiers performing duties at the DK1 platforms in Vietnam’s southern continental shelf, along with the island district of Con Dao.

Departing from the port of Brigade 171 in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, the delegations are also bringing along food, essential goods, and symbolic items of Tet such as apricot and peach blossoms and kumquat trees, part of which were donated by individuals, businesses and organisations as their material and spiritual support for those guarding the country’s sovereignty in southern sea areas.

Col. Dang Manh Hung, Vice Political Commissar of Naval Region 2, said before leaving, all the officers, soldiers, and reporters on the two vessels, Truong Sa 10 and Truong Sa 19, had been quarantined and tested negative for the coronavirus while the goods had also been disinfected to ensure pandemic safety for those on duty at sea.

On this occasion, the delegations will also hand over 5,000 national flags to officers and soldiers on 15 DK1 platforms and Con Dao district. The flags are part of a programme of presenting 1 million national flags to fishermen.

Their trips are scheduled to last for about 15 - 20 days.

DK1 is a group of offshore economic, scientific and technical service stations set up in 1989 on Vietnam's southern continental shelf.

Over the past more than three decades, those stationed at DK1 platforms have always successfully performed their work , not only helping develop marine economic activities but also contributing to the safeguarding of national sovereignty over seas and islands./.