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Da Nang to host Telecommunity meeting

World experts and regional specialists will get together at the 23rd meeting of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Wireless Group (AWG-23) in the central city of Da Nang from April 9-13.

The Ministry of Information and Communications said the meeting will also draw world renowned telecommunication groups including Vietnam National Post and Telecommunication (VNPT), the military telecommunication group Viettel, Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung and Qualcom.

The event will feature meetings on frequency management, future development of the digital switch-over and additional spectrum available for 4G and many other emerging wireless technologies.

The ministry said the working groups of the AWG will also review the progress on work items and development outcomes based on decisions taken at the meeting.

The meeting will be a chance for participants to discuss the future development of radiocommunication not only in the region but also worldwide. The rapid development of new technology in recent years requires countries to create policies to deal with increasing demand for radio frequency.

Vietnam has been rapidly developing mobile networks in 64 provinces and cities with 130 million mobile subscribers, a ratio of 145 subscribers per 100 inhabitants.