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Da Nang moves to protect rare primates

The red-shanked douc largur is considered a rare primate and is listed in Vietnam’s Red Book. They are often seen as the symbol of Son Tra peninsula. However, the growing numbers of visitors to the area threaten their living environment, and local authorities have yet to come up with a solution to protect these rare primates.

In the past, photographers could easily catch playful moments of the red-shanked douc in parts of Son Tra peninsula. Now, catching a photo of these rare monkeys is a lot harder.

Son Tra peninsula has long been a natural conservation site, and it is open for everyone to contemplate and admire the magnificent nature and its wildlife. Yet, humans only bring trash and waste to the land, making it uninhabitable for the rare species. The protection measures are insufficient and ineffective.

Son Tra Peninsula is a destination for tourists visiting Da Nang. If the city does not have solutions to limit the impact of humans on the environment here, the valuable biodiversity of the peninsula will be difficult to maintain in the long term, greatly affecting the living environment of the rare primate species in this area.