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Da Nang enhances professionalism of tour guides

In the current context of Da Nang’s fast growing tourism industry, the State management of tourism activities has seen some positive results. Local authorities are also strictly mulling over how to effectively enhance the professionalism of tour guides, and ensure a healthy tourism environment as well.

Currently, the Chinese and Republic of Korean accounted for a staggering 80 percent of international tourist arrivals to the central coastal city of Da Nang. Although efforts have been made to meet the rising demand, the local tourism sector still faces a number of challenges from tour guides’ operation such as illegal foreign tour guides and insufficient skills and ethics of many tour guides.

Recently, Da Nang Department of Tourism has issued a code of ethical conduct for not only some 4,400 tour guides of the city but those from other localities as well.

The city has also put into use QR codes providing extended information in Chinese and Korean at some tourist sites, and installed cameras on vehicles to support tourists and manage tour guides.

Da Nang has become a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. The city is trying hard to effectively enhance the professionalism of tour guides, contributing to ensuring a sustainable tourism growth.