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COVID-19: Lang Son province works to promote trading via rail

Up to 260 carriages with tens of thousands of tonnes of exports and imports have passed Dong Dang International Railway Station, the northern border province of Lang Son, to and from China since February 4 despite impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Most of the commodities are iron ore, steel, coal and agricultural products, the customs sub-department at this station said at a meeting with Lang Son officials on February 24.

Notably, on February 11 and 19, to meet businesses’ demand, the agency piloted the export of 460 tonnes of fresh dragon fruit in 27 carriages, it said, considering this a new direction for quickly shipping Vietnamese farm produce to the neighbouring market amid the complex developments of COVID-19.

Vice Chairman of the Lang Son provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Cong Truong said as export and import via land border gates have encountered difficulties due to the epidemic’s impact, local relevant forces need to facilitate trading of goods, especially farm produce and fresh fruits, via railway services.

He suggested them discuss with Chinese authorities to permit the shipment of Vietnamese agricultural products via the railway station.

The official also asked Lang Son departments to increase communications to persuade businesses to export and import goods by rail, while working closely with the Dong Dang station to ensure disease control during the handling of carriages and goods.