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Close to 108,260 ha of new forest planted during year’s first half

A total of 108,258 ha of forest were planted in the first six months, up 22 percent on-year.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, during the period, the entire nations prepared nearly 650 million saplings for afforestation, an annual increase of 43 percent.

To date, the rate of forest grown with certificated saplings has reached 87 percent. The number of scattered trees planted for forestry purpose stood at 38.6 million, while the volume of timber output was about 7.95 million cubic metres, both up 5.7 percent annually.

Vietnam is working on a project to grow 1 billion trees nationwide between 2021 and 2025. They will include 690 million trees in urban and rural areas, and 310 million others in protection, special-use, and production forests.

This project aims to protect the ecosystem, improve the scenery, respond to climate change, boost socio-economic development, improve the quality of people's life, and foster the country’s sustainable development.