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Chinese media spotlights Vietnamese Party leader’s visit

Chinese media spotlights Vietnamese Party leader’s visit


Chinese media has highlighted the official visit by General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Nguyen Phu Trong to China, quoting experts’ comments on the significance of the trip in the development of the ties between the two countries.

News website on October 30 ran an article summarising the opinions of some experts on the visit and the partnership between the two countries.

According to the article, Ha Jiajie, an expert of international relations and public affairs from Fudan University, underlined that the interactions between leaders of the two Parties play the guiding role for the future development of the relations between the two countries.

The visit is an affirmation of the strategy, the position and foundation of the bilateral relationship, which is expected to reinforce mutual trust and adjust the China-Vietnam relations in the next period, Ha held.

Meanwhile, Ge Hongliang, Director of the China-ASEAN Maritime Security Research under Guangxi University, reportedly commented that the relationship between the two Parties has always led and shaped the relationship between the two countries, which has become an important tradition going beyond the bilateral partnership. Currently, the two Parties have set up mechanisms for cooperation, theory exchange and personnel training, he noted.

Ge highlighted that Vietnam is the largest trade partner and an important investment target of China in Southeast Asia.

The article also quoted Xu Liping, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as holding that the relations between the two Parties and countries were not affected but strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Cooperation in health care and pandemic control were promoted, while two-way trade still rose through years, Xu said.

In its article gathering Chinese experts' opinion on the Vietnamese Party leader’s visit, the Global Times, run by the People's Daily, which speaks for the Communist Party of China, quoted Prof. Pan Jine from the School of Marxism Studies of China as highlighting that CPV General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit shows the special nature and significance of the China-Vietnam relations. Trong is the first foreign leader to visit China after the 20th CPC National Congress, Pan noted.

The expert asserted that the visit is taking place as the two countries have entered a new development period. Therefore, the meeting between the leaders of the two Parties will be a great motivation for cooperation between ministries, sectors and locality, Pan stressed.

Amidst the complicated world situation, this visit will help the two countries strengthen mutual political trust and promote cooperation in many fields, the expert added.

Zhao Gancheng from Shanghai Institutes for International Studies reportedly underscored that potential is huge for trade between Vietnam and China as the two sides can supplement each other.

Meanwhile, reporter David Hutt from The Diplomat held that economic partnership will be one of the major discussion contents between the Vietnamese and Chinese Party leaders as China is one of the leading trade partners and investors of Vietnam./.