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Ceremony held to bid farewell to staff of level-2 field hospital No.3 to South Sudan

The Ministry of National Defence held a ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City on March 24 to bid farewell to the staff of the level-2 field hospital No. 3 setting off for Bentiu, South Sudan, to join the United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Boarding military aircraft C17 of the Australian Department of Defence, thirty-three out of the total 64 staff members of the hospital expressed their delight and pride when taking part in the mission.

The level-2 field hospital No. 3 was established in March 2020 with 70 officers and soldiers, including 64 official and six reserve members, who were all vaccinated against COVID-19.

Before departure, they undertook several technical training courses.

The second group of staff of the hospital is scheduled to depart on April 21.