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Central Steering Committee for Judicial Reform convenes 10th meeting

The Central Steering Committee for Judicial Reform convened its 10th meeting in Hanoi on September 28.

Delegates looked into the project on building mechanisms developing a contingent of lawyers and improving their capacity, and another one on building public indicators assessing the operation of the judicial sector.

They also mulled over the Politburo’s Decision No. 84 reviewing the 15-year implementation of Resolution No. 49 adopted by the ninth Politburo on the judicial reform strategy by 2020.

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, who is also deputy head of the Committee, suggested devising a strategy on the development of the contingent of lawyers by 2020, saying Vietnamese lawyers should have a capacity to participate in handling international trade disputes.

Regarding the set of assessment indicators, he urged further study on criteria, scope and subjects to the poll./.