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Canada conference discusses maintenance of peace in sea borders

The maintenance of peace in sea border areas was the main topic at a conference in York University in Toronto, Canada, on November 15, during which participants highlighted issues related to security, future management principles and policies in oceans.

Experts and scholars focused on the importance of the Indo-Pacific region and Arctic Ocean to the world, threats in the border areas of the oceans, the prospects of the ASEAN and Indonesia in Indo-Pacific as well as the maintenance of peace and development in this region.

Prof. Julie Nguyen, Director of Vietnam-Canada Society, said the society participated in the event with the aim to inform participants on Vietnam’s activities to protect the nation’s sovereignty and interests at sea, as well as the country’s wish to maintain a peaceful and stable environment at sea for national development.

Speaking to Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent in Canada, Adam P. MacDonald, Deputy Director of the Centre for the Study of Security and Development under Dalhousie University said that in the context of complicated disputes in the East Sea, a multilateral approach to a comprehensive agreement is a proper solution that all parties should stick to.

The East Sea plays a significant role in the global trade. It is estimated that over 50 percent of maritime trade of the world goes through the waters, with value of 5,000 billion USD each year.